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Red Packet is an innovative gift box concept. Each themed gift box offers around 10 lifestyle experiences for the recipient to choose from. With experiences ranging from Wellness to Gastronomy, Sports to Entertainment, there is something for everyone.

The website of Red Packet need a makeover due to the outdated design and obvious redundancy in page structure. To pinpoint the problems of the old website, various research methods are employed. 


Google analytics – User Flow Report

The paths of customers showed that they usually visited multiple information pages before checking out the product pages. A typical flow would be Home > The Concept > FAQs > Where to buy > How to Redeem > Exit. This suggested that users would like to make sense of the product before checking out the gifts themselves.


Insight 1: Simplify information pages to facilitate easy understanding of how we work and improve their reading experience.


Feedback from customers

Reviewing customers’ comments and Facebook enquires, it was found that many misunderstood that they could get all 10 experiences listed in the gift box, while in fact the recipient should choose only one of which best suit their interest.


Insight 2: Reinforce the concept of “give the gift of choice”.


It was also discovered that customers are not sure where or how to buy the gift box. We accounted the confusion to the misleading design of the purchase button “Buy this gift”, which looks like a part of a banner rather than a call for action.


Insight 3: Emphasize action points to avoid confusion.


Interview of colleagues

I invited colleagues of the marketing and customer service team to provide opinions or request on the branding of the website. The major challenge they presented would be retaining the search engine performance while removing the overcrowding cluster of words in the landing page.


Insight 4: Simplify landing page while keeping the keywords which drive site traffic.


  • The site structure is too complicated.

  • The concept of choosing one experience from the gift box is not made clear enough.


Merge information pages into one-page and remove redundant information.

  • Readers could navigate all the necessary information in a sleek, one-page “How it works” page.

  • Repeated information are removed.

  • The answer to the four most asked questions of customers are included.


Highlight the purchase action and concept of choice in product page.

  • Brief introduction of the experiences are presented in the album at the top of the page, following the cover image of the gift box itself.

  • Each experience would be labelled as “option x” subsequently.

  • The purchase button “Add to cart” is emphasized in bright red.

  • The details of each experience would be accessible in the collapsible menu beneath. Comparing to the original design which make it time-consuming to scroll down for the details of the last experience, having a collapsible menu allows user to quickly access the experience they would like to see.

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