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Atmosfy is a video-first hospitality platform for discovering dining and nightlife, and it is currently scaling internationally in 150+ Cities.

Happy Drinkers

Brief  /  Design features that would encourage users to upload reviews

Role  /  UI/UX designer

Team  /  Founder, Engineer

Timeline  /  3 months 

Tools  /  Adobe XD


Atmosfy is a review platform that depends heavily on user-generated content. But as a new platform with limited content, it's quite a challenge to retain and engage existing users. 

How might we encourage current users to upload more reviews on Atmosfy ?

Tip Creation Flow
phone-transparent [Recovered]-08.png
Make it easy to add reviews

Before, users have to manually fill in the details of the bar or restaurant. 


In the updated flow, functions like preset options and autocomplete help users to add reviews easily. 

Enabling self-expression

Users can see data like how many cafes they have visit in the city in their profile section. They could also curate their own collections of good places. 

These features give users a sense of achievement when they upload reviews, and therefore encourage them to continue doing so. 

phone-transparent [Recovered]-08.png
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